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Academic Clinical Research
in the Middle-East

The F-MRI® project aims the implementation of distinct Clinical Investigation Centers(CICs) within those hospitals or institutions having declared their will to initiate a research activity.

Research Center Missions:

The Clinical Research Units(CRUs) and Clinical Investigation Centers(CICs) are primarily meant to provide:
  • A logistical support for realization of research projects
  • The development of clinical research

CICs provide a support at all stages of the research project, from the preparation phase to the study follow-up:
  • Methodological advice for project formalisation
  • Technical assistance for regulatory procedures
  • Logistical support for protocol realization
  • Availability of a mobile medical team

Research Center Organization:

The Clinical Investigation Centers(CIC)makes available to investigators:
  1. A dedicated place to clinical research
  2. Specialized personnel:
    • A Study Coordinator: scientific, administrative and financial responsibilities
    • A Project Manager: control of study progression and relation with the study investigators
    • A Technical team of nurses and CRAs who provide all logistical and technical assistance during the study

  3. A technical committee that analyzes the feasibility of the projects and gives proposals on the strategic orientations of the CIC.

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